CDL Training Center

The Training Program.

2-3 Weeks | 160 Hours of intensive CDL classroom and driver training

Morning or Afternoon Courses Available (8:00am – 11:30am or 01:00pm – 4:30pm)

Permit/Endorsements Practice Tests – DOT Physical – Pre-Trip, Backing Range, & Road Driving Training

Third-Party Testing to Acquire the CDL license

Classroom Instruction - 40 Hours

Students receive classroom study preparing them for the Department of Transportation’s Commercial Driver License Tests. Tests include General Knowledge, the Combination Vehicle, and Air Brakes.

Included are three additional endorsements in Doubles & Triples, Tankers, and Hazardous Materials.

Road Driving Skills - 80 Hours

Students receive hands-on experience in our truck and trailer, learning the art of actual commercial driving. They experience all types of driving conditions such as driving within tight spaces, over the road highway driving, and city driving. They also thoroughly develop defensive driving techniques to protect themselves and other drivers while over the road.


Backing Skills - 40 Hours

Students receive hands-on experience in our truck and trailer developing skills required for State Driving Tests. The tests are administered by our instructors who are Certified Third-Party Testers for the State of Utah.

This training includes: Straight line backing, Alley Docks, and Off set Right.


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